Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

OS X Lion and IOS 5

It's no secret that I love my Mac. Apple has done a great job in marketing and keeping things simple. Even as a computer geek, I love the fact it's simple on the outside with the underpinnings of Unix on the inside. I understand Unix and can get a lot out of my Mac when I want to. I switched to all Apple products a few years ago. I own an iPhone, iPad, 4 iPods (various makes and models), 3 Apple TVs, Mac Book Pro and a Mac Pro. I upgraded my Mac Book Pro (a 2005 model) with a solid state drive to give it some new life until I can afford to buy another one. It has been an amazing transformation. As soon as I get a few more dollars in the bank (not allotted to other places) I'm going to upgrade my Mac Pro with one as well. Fantastic speed boost (10 second boot time from almost 2 minutes), cooler and longer battery life.

I upgraded my laptop with Lion and all was successful. Now it's time to upgrade the Mac Pro. It's my workhorse and I hope all goes smooth. I have 2 Drobo's fully populated with thousands of movies (most thanks to my sister) and gigs of photos.

I also upgraded my iPad to IOS 5 recently and that didn't go so well. I lost everything on the iPad and had to start from scratch. What a PITA! My suggestion is to make a back up and remove all videos and audio files before you upgrade. I am about to upgrade my jailbroken iPhone as well.

The combination of Lion and IOS 5 will give me access to iCloud. This service will allow me to sync things much more seamlessly as well as store some of my music out on the net. I have both a mobile me and iTunes account which are different. They don't play nicely. It would have been nice if Apple could have integrated separate accounts together into one.

Wish me luck!