Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Photography as art vs Photography as a service

This is photography as art. I made this image as a form of self expression, which is what most photography is. I have, on occasion, been asked to make a photo of someone's work. This is done as a service with a bit of art involved. I say art, because it takes a certain technical finesse and tools to ensure that what the artist rendering is the same on canvas as it is on digital film.

I use several items in my arsenal to ensure that what I am putting out looks the same. First is the XRite ColorMunki Display. I just got this monitor and projector calibration tool. I upgraded from an earlier product and I love it. You can create profiles for your monitor or projector in very short time. It has an easy and advanced mode that allows you to tweak the settings yourself. I also use the XRite ColorChecker Passport to create a color profile for my camera an lighting conditions on site.

In this example I took a photo at the beginning of the series of artwork I was going to photograph.

You can see my fiancee holding it in the corner. One I had this as a reference I created a profile with the software that is included and used it inside Lightroom to Calibrate the rest of the images. To do this from the Develop module choose Calibrate and select your custom calibration profile. The color checker software will put the profile in the correct location on your hard drive.

Here's the final image. This was painted by Stan Fontaine, a wonderful artist from New Orleans transplanted after Katrina.