Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Post Morteum OS X Lion & Halloween

The upgrade was successful. I say that tentatively. I did have a few issues with TextEdit not working after the upgrade. Apparently Dropbox can affect the upgrade and toss things out of whack. Since I am familiar with Unix, I was able to figure it out. The couple annoyances are:

  1. iCloud accounts: In order to keep my iTunes in sync I uused my iTunes account for iCloud. This means I can't use my mobile me account, which has more storage space, but is going away. All my calendars went away because of this and I had to do some creative work arounds. Annoyance, but not a show stopper.
  2. My mouse wheel works backwards now. When I use the wheel rather than it going in the direction I am used to, it goes the other way.  I use the Wacom Intuos 4 as my device of choice. I can use a pen or a mouse with it. It's great for editing and does very well as a mouse.

I am a sucker for Halloween. I love decorating and throwing a party. This year I haven't decorated and we are going out to a campground for a Halloween party. Maybe I'm getting old or it's not finding the same appeal. I kind of like having no clean up afterwards. This is a photo from our last Halloween party at my house. I hand made all the tombstones and most of the other stuff I have.