Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

CNN gives photojouralists the pink slip

According to senior CNN vp Jack Womack;

We also spent a great deal of time analyzing how we utilize and deploy photojournalists across all of our locations in the U.S. We looked at the evolution of daytime and evening line-ups. We analyzed how stories are assigned and more importantly the ratio of stories assigned that actually make it on to our networks or platforms. We know that we have to sharpen our focus on stories assigned to ensure that this great work gets on air. We looked at production demands, down time, and international deployments. We looked at the impact of user-generated content and social media, CNN iReporters and of course our affiliate contributions in breaking news. Consumer and pro-sumer technologies are simpler and more accessible. Small cameras are now high broadcast quality. More of this technology is in the hands of more people. After completing this analysis, CNN determined that some photojournalists will be departing the company.

I am not a photojournalist, do I ever dream of being one. I respect this profession. It's hard long hours for a passion you love in very difficult places.  Obviously the general public is going to get shots that come up spur of the moment. Everyone carries a camera with them now a days in the form of a cell phone. Should that really replace photojournalists? I think it should augment them, not replace them. Then again, I am a photographer and I do not run a large business like CNN.

source: Hollywood Reporter