Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Crashes and Backups and Recovery! Oh My!

Recently I lost my hard drive with everything on it. It had my entire iTunes library, eBooks and my whole photographs library. I was more than a little concerned. I do multiple backups using Carbonite and Mozy for offsite storage and a local backup. But since I upgraded to Lion, I haven't checked them in a while. Mozy hadn't backed up since September, even though it said it had and Carbonite hadn't finished up it's initial backup since I started using it. Luckily for me, either out of foresight or pure luck, I backed up all my photos only 4 days earlier. I was able to recover some of the files all the dying hard drive, so I restored about 85% of what I originally had. Lesson learned. I purchased another Drobo (this makes 3) to do nothing but backup files. At least if one of those drives crashes it can be rebuilt. I was able to recover some files from the offsite backup, but have learned those are a method of last resort. The restore is pitifully slow and cumbersome. I also put something on my calendar to check the backups at least once a month.

by John