Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Shooting animals (in the photographic sense)

We went out to an alpaca farm recently. This was just before I sent off my camera for maintenance and cleaning and before I lost the hard drive. As you can see, since this image was one of the ones I thought I lost, I came out the other end with some success. Taking photos of animals is tough. Especially ones that love to move around on you in light that is less than desirable. I know that there is a time to shoot and there is a time to put the camera down and just enjoy it. But when you have a camera, it's hard to tell yourself that. So even though I should have left the camera in the car, I shot anyway. Most of the images were overexposed or just lit wrong. I chalk it up to a learning experience. When shooting animals, captive or otherwise, it's a waiting game.  Trying to chase something down to get a good shot will get you one thing, tired legs. You have to pick a spot, wait it out and be prepared.