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Adobe Lightroom updated

Adobe updated Lightroom to v 3.6.  This adds Adobe camera RAW 6.6 support as well as a few bug fixes. Make sure you update Camera RAW (for Photoshop) when you upgrade your Lightroom 3.

Lightroom 3 Upgrade (for Mac) Camera RAW Upgrade (for Mac)

Lightroom 3.6 Bugs - Fixed • Rapid advancement through the grid can make the preview processor die • Lightroom does not write to the correct metadata fields after editing capture time • Lightroom crashes when saving keyword to file • Certain JPG files appear to unsupported or damaged upon import into Lightroom • Publish to HD fails in LR 3.5 for publish collections created in 3.3 or earlier • Entering a custom aspect ratio in Quick Develop leaves the Crop Ratio menu black • Default scrolling behavior on OSX 10.7 makes non-scrolling mousewheel actions work backwards (Mac only) • Incorrect aspect ratio displayed in menu when crop is copy/pasted or applied via Previous button in the Develop module (Mac only) • Copy/Pasted Crop Aspect Ratio lost on edit • Copy/Pasted/Previous crop loses aspect ratio lock when adjusted in the Develop module • Tethering doesn’t work with the Nikon D3x • Error thrown when exporting video from slideshow and Lightroom is running as a 32-bit application • Crash using local adjustment brush with automask on with an attached image

by John