Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Think Tank Airport Airstream

Every photographer I know is on the constant look out for a new gear bag. One that is portable, handy, rugged and will pack as much as they can cram into it. Photographers have a lot of gear. I am no exception. Even though I don't always need all of it, I have a bunch. I have a Tenba Shootout rolling bag, that I really do like a lot. However, the last trip I took to New England I was on a puddle jumper (small prop airplane) to Maine and the bag would not fit in the overhead, so I had to gate check it. Everything came out o.k., but my worst fear as a shooter is getting off the plane to find out either 1) the bag was left behind or worse 2) I pick it up and hear rattling of broken glass. My buddies Chuck Barnes and Matt Kloskowski both were sporting the Think Tank Airport Airstream roller bags. I flew with Chuck and his fit neatly under the seat and overhead. I had to have one. I called up the folks at Adorama and ordered one for the holidays. With the NAPP discount I got it at a little less than the current MSRP of $299.75.

It doesn't quite have everything I am looking for in a bag. The space inside is roomy enough for most of my travel gear. I'll still need to pack my vest and tripod in my bag, but I can overlook that. It's rugged and handles really well. It also comes equipped with 3 locks, so I can secure it in several different ways. I am looking forward to traveling with it to see how it handles. I must say that I'll also have to mark it so I know it's mine. One of the things that happened with Matt and Chuck is they switched bags at one point and didn't realize it.