Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Water drops

I am getting married in a couple of weeks, which has taken some time away from my photography. She's supportive and amazing, so I don't mind. When my future wife asked me to do something for our wedding website, I rose to the challenge. It has gotten me thinking about macro photography lately. We're getting married on Valentine's Day. It'll be easy for me to remember when the wedding is.

I grabbed a place mat from a store I thought was interesting that I knew I could do something with. So I set myself a little rig to take some macro photos with.  I have a camera on a tripod that is looking down on a piece of glass from a picture frame. I cleaned the glass with glass cleaner then applied some Rain-X. The Rain-X helps make the water bead up. I propped that on a couple of drawers I took from our dresser (of course my stunning bride to be now has a pile of socks in the corner). Below that I put the place mat and a small light. I focused on the water droplets and grabbed some images. This has no processing outside of a small crop applied.  I have several other items I'll put under the droplets and photograph once things settle down.

I eluded to a recent purchase and I'm still playing with it. I'll reveal more at a later date.