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Canon 5D Mark III

Canon released their camera the other day. I am surprised at the Canon marketing machine vs the Nikon one. Nikon seems to do a much better job at marketing & product announcement than Canon. I use the Canon line of products and like a lot of things about them. Nikon released the D800 and D4 recently to a lot of hype. I read all about it on different photo web sites. Most of my photo friends shoot Nikon and I know a few of the Nikon folks. The Canon 5D came out and I barely heard a whisper about it. I almost missed it, in fact.

I am looking forward to the options that this camera has to offer. New processor, 2 card slots, HDR in camera, 63 dual layer metering, higher ISO are just to start. However at the whopping $3500 price tag, I can't see getting it any time soon. One can dream though.

You can read all about it at the Canon 5D Mark III product page.