Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer


I have had this fascination with remotes lately. Remote devices for triggering your camera, that is. I purchased the Camera Axe, which is a cool device that I keep eluding to in past posts. It takes the input from several different types of sensors and will trigger the flash or camera based on their input. I'll do a post soon with more info about this. The second acquisition (that hasn't arrived yet) is the Timelapse+. This device is a small intervalometer that will do bulb ramping (determine how long to open your shutter for as time goes on), HDR shutter release (multiple exposures) and has blue-tooth built in. It was a Kickstarter funded project. The latest in the series is the Trigger Happy camera remote. This is almost the same as the Timelapse+ but using your iPhone or Android device to trigger your camera. It's a pretty worthwhile project and I would suggest that if you want one at the reduced price, I'd head over and support the Kickstarter project soon before it ends.

by John