Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Angel of Bodie

I got back from Bodie, CA about a week ago. Bodie is a Ghost Town (not really since State Park folks live there) in California. It was the birthplace of many mining inventions in the era of the gold rush back in 1859. At one time it was the 3rd largest city in California. I went up to the graveyard, which is rich in history of it's own, and grabbed this image of Evelyn. Evelyn liked to follow a certain miner around. One snowy morning she followed the miner, who told her to "go on home". Well, being a headstrong little 4 year old, she snuck up behind the miner and watched him work. Unaware of the child behind him, he swung his pick axe and struck Evelyn in the head. So devastated was the miner and townspeople, they erected a statue to Evelyn in the cemetery.