Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

His Light Workshops

I love being part of a team of great people to shoot with, learn from and help send some of the little knowledge I have out into the world.  His Light Workshops was the brain child of Jim Begley & Bill Fortney and I am so glad it was. We have an awesome amount of repeat customers who become part of the family. These folks are amazing photo friends and photographers. I am proud to associate myself with them! With that notion we announce the set of workshops for 2013 two days ago. We have 4 workshops which you can find here. We have slots for 80 people and we already have 31 of those slots taken, in just two days!

We have a workshop coming up in November that still has slots open for the second half of the tour. The Slot Canyons & Page, AZ portion is still open. We'll have RC Concepcion teaching about getting your work on the web.