Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Reno Air Races


I am so glad I went out to Reno. I learned a lot.

  • A 200-400mm lens is the way to shoot anything flying
  • That lens is so heavy that your shoulder will hurt for days
  • To stop the prop you need to be at 1/200 or slower, which is almost impossible and have sharp images
  • To stop trying to identify air craft. I'm not good at it.

I am still going through images. I shot at least 3000 images and I am down to 1700 and still have a long way to go. I'll bet 1/3 of those are of the F22. What an amazing aircraft. 90% of what I have deleted so far have been blurry. I give myself small goals to go through at least 300 in a sitting. I can image that sports shooters go through the same pain. Sometimes you just have to "spray and pray" (take a bunch of images and hope that you get at least 1 good one).

Here are a few that I have edited so far.