Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Costa Rica - Day 1 - To Monteverde

We were picked up at the Liberia airport by our driver. I was expecting an airport much like those in the Caribbean, jam packed and out of date. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very clean and modern. First impressions are everything, and this certainly made a good one. Our drivers name was Marco. A father of 3 who was maybe in his 30's, was as professional and helpful as they come. He gave us some tidbits of knowledge about the area and the drive. He kept emphasizing that if we wanted to stop for any reason, to let him know. We took route 1 until the turn to Monteverde. Route 1 is the longest road in the Americas, starting in Alaska and ending in lower South America. To drive from Costa Rica to the U.S. border would take 15 days. The government is starting to widen it, and it sure does need widening. We stopped at Jumbo, a supermarket, to pick up some supplies. About 2 hours in to the road trip, we stopped at a little restaurant in Tilaran, Carolyn had the soup (parts of meat and a whole lot of veggies) and I had hamburger patties in a sweet tomato sauce, so yummy! 20130428-164221.jpg


Then we took the road to Monteverde. Marco called it the CTM road, short for Costa Rican Travel Massage. He was not kidding, 40 kilometers of washboard road. At times we were afraid we wouldn't be able to go any further, Marco expertly kicked it into gear and fishtailed up the road.

Along the way, the scenery was breath taking, he took us on a "shortcut" to get a better view. What a view it was. We traveled along the continental divide, the Caribbean on one side and the pacific on the other. As we crested a rise, we were treated to a giant rainbow. It almost looked like you could reach out and touch it. So I took him up on his offer to stop at any time and grabbed a few shots. Unfortunately it was also raining and windy, so as soon as I put the camera to my eye it was covered in water. I think I can salvage a couple.


We finally arrived at Hidden Canopy Treehouses. I reserved the Eden room a year in advance, and I am glad I did. I'll talk about this amazing bed & breakfast in my next post.