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Costa Rica - Day 2 - Zip Lining & Night Tour

No photos from our zip lining adventures. I took a camera that I forgot the memory card reader for. While here in Costa Rica, we only brought our iPhones and 1 iPad. I have the camera kit for the iPad which takes SD cards. As of this post, we went zip lining and on a night tour yesterday. Zip Lining: we headed out on a tour with 100% Aventura. Here in this area of Monteverde there must be 10 different zip line tours. Carolyn was a little nervous at the start, but by the end she had fun. The first 10 lines were seated and the last two you went superman style (laying on your stomach). Carolyn didn't do these, but I did and regret it. It was a cool ride, but it hurt my ribs to the point of bruising.

Later that night, we went on a night walk with Oleman from the hotel. This was a nature walk at night to try and spot some of the nocturnal animals. We saw several sleeping birds and sloths and a kinkachu (if that's wrong someone tell me). They look like a monkey, but they are actually related to the raccoon family. Carolyn spotted a baby tarantula.


Tonight as I wrote this post, we saw several toucans flying in to roost.

A teaser for the next post, we saw a hummingbird nest.