Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Costa Rica - Day 3 - Cloud Forest Nature tour

Our time here in Monteverde is almost up. We could easily spend several more days here without regret. Today we hit the cloud forest nature tour with one of the guides from the hotel, Koky. This man is insanely knowledgable about the flora and the wildlife. I think he could whistle every bird some of the 100+ species that live in this area.

We spent almost 5 hours in Selvatura looking for a Quetzal. We heard a lot of them. Koky tried his best to entice one to us, with no luck. We did catch a quick glimpse for only a few seconds.


We were lucky to see a bunch of other things along the way. A humming bird nest


The Bell Bird


The car alarm bird (no we can't remember the name, when we do I will update the post)


And 2 speckled owls sitting in the same tree, we figure they must have been a mating pair.



We ended our adventure in town at a independent chocolatier. This guys was the only person on Costa Rica to roast his own beans and make chocolate from scratch.


By the way, everything posted above was from the iPhone.