Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Costa Rica - Hidden Canopy Treehouses


I don't think I could ever come up with the words to describe this place. I have been to very few hotels in my life that could compare. Hidden Canopy is a relatively new bed and breakfast on the Costa Rican travel scene. They have already won awards and high marks on Trip Advisor, deservedly so. Jen King was an executive with Sun Microsystems and was laid off when IT times got rough. So she went on her own life changing adventure. She traveled, became a scuba instructor and finally decided to open up a bed & breakfast. We are so glad she did.

Here at the Treehouses they have 5 independent Treehouses and 3 rooms in the main building. Jen lives upstairs and she has a fairly large staff. She has 2 main rules, no shoes in the main house and you don't do any work. You're guests in her home and she treats you like family. Every day they have "tea time" from 5 to 6. They serve sangria (white and red), beer, coffee, juice and tea. Along with a few tapas and a fresh cooked made to order breakfast (all included), how can you go wrong? For dinner you can order from one of the local restaurants and the hotel will go get it for the price of a taxi ride.

You can walk the grounds, where she has a hiking trail and hummingbird feeders. The common room has a beautiful view of the looks over the feeders and you can watch them all day long. While Carolyn was napping, I spent an hour standing about 10 feet away from them snapping off photographs.

We had the Eden treehouse room. You know it's good when lady that checks you in smiles when you tell her which room you have. It's a 2 story treehouse - living area + 1/2 bath upstairs with a two level veranda. Bedroom & bathroom downstairs with another veranda & a glass enclosed jacuzzi room. The hardwood floors are beautiful multi colored teak & all the table bases as well as the king size headboard are made from tree trunks. Here are a few unedited photos of the hotel, our room and what you can see from the common area.


A jacuzzi room with a great view 20130428-172030.jpg Shower next to the jacuzzi 20130428-172039.jpg Bathroom next to shower. Little details- washcloths folded into roses & origami with the toilet tissue! 20130428-172046.jpg Carolyn in the upstairs den area enjoying a complimentary bon bon 20130428-172056.jpg The bridge walkway to the treehouse 20130428-172104.jpg Beautiful stone work along the walkway to the main building 20130428-172110.jpg Hummingbirds congregate here. Leftmost window is breakfast area where we sat & watched them 20130428-172118.jpg Hummingbird in competition with a bee 20130428-172627.jpg Coming in for a landing 20130428-172634.jpg