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Lions with Topaz Clarity

I picked up the new Topaz Plugin called Clarity. I mainly use the Ex-Nik (now Google) plugins. I love them. I also use (on occasion) the OnOne plugins. The Topaz set hasn't thrilled me (I'm not a fan of the interface, it seems so dated to me). Hoever, I have found a few effects from them, that I am really enamored with. Clarity has made that list. I started fiddling with using LAB color correction in Photoshop, with ok results, but finding out the nice effect that Clarity has, I'll stop that. This is the before image of a couple of lions at dawn in the San Diego Zoo. I cropped it and added a small vignette in Lightroom. Lions with Clarity Before

This image adds Topaz Clarity with the Fur and Feather II preset.

Lions with Clarity After