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His Light Workshops Palouse & Olympic trip

Steptoe Butte Palouse

A little more than a week ago I returned from another His Light workshop. Boy we learned some important lessons on this one.

  1. We need to be able to communicate changes out to our participants better. The weather, time, lighting conditions, etc really effect when we shoot and when we are in the classroom. We had a day where we thought we'd give folks some extra downtime, but we didn't have a good way to communicate that out other than putting a note on the door. When I got back I found a little app that will let us send a text message to everyone who gives us their cell phone number.
  2. Never leave the keys in the car. I left the keys in the van (and thought I announced it loud enough). Someone, acting in good conscious, locked the doors, thinking that they didn't want to see thousands of dollars of camera gear taken. So I spent a couple extra hours up on a freezing cold Steptoe Butte waiting for a locksmith. Lesson learned.
  3. Never try to jam two trips into one. I have learned this along time ago, but we are still learning it. We wanted to make sure folks got their money's worth out of the trip and tried to pack to much in. We need to come up with a balance between to muh travel and well worth the money spent.

Of course we learned a lot of other things from the trip, but those are my top 3. As usual, I enjoyed the fellowship and meeting some new friends and connecting with old ones. We have a small following of folks who are really good shooter and even better people to be with. I thank God every day for this blessing.

On a side note, I haven't had time to process to many images. I had surgery a few days ago and I'm still recovering. I'll try to process more as time permits.

Here's one from HoH forest. We got there and the light was pretty bad. We made the best of it and shot what you could. The glory of it was worth the trip alone.

HoH Forest fern