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Blue Ridge Parkway - Decisions Decisions


While coming home from Nashville for a His Light Workshop, Carolyn and I took the Blue Ridge Parkway toward home. The above image was me stretching my legs on a little trail as Carolyn took a phone call. Since it was around 5 PM , I am happy with the way it turned out. We passed this farm off to our right and I turned to her and said, "That would make a nice photograph" in turn she replied, "Well then why don't you stop and shoot it!" So I turned the car around and stopped to shoot it. The new Fuji make shooting such a joy. I don't have to lug around a ton of heavy equipment. The colors and contrast that comes out of it are very sweet (if you like that look). I wouldn't use it for sports and I haven't figured out how to use it for night-time vistas, but for most everything else, it is almost perfect.

AS I was editing, I kept hearing myself in my head as I critiqued our participants on the workshop. Where's your focus, the eye goes to the lightest part of the image, do you need that much X to be seen. So here are two edits of the same image. Only thing different is the crop. I think I like the closer crop, but the sky is so nice. Which one do you like?

BlueRidgeParkwayFarm2Closer crop

BlueRidgeParkwayFarmA little more sky