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Glacier and the Fuji

Shafts of Light

I just got back from a His Light Workshops to Glacier National Park in Montana. What an amazing place. We had a great group of attendees, some wonderful light and I got to see all my old photo friends. I have such a great time with these folks! Anyway, on this trip I decided not to take my Nikon gear at all. I went with just the Fuji XE-1 system with a 14mm rental lens from Borrow Lenses. I am truly in love with this system. The Fuji performed every bit as well as I expected and more so in some cases. It's a landscape photographer's dream. It's light and it helps me make great images. So much so that I have decided to sell my Nikon camera. I will keep a couple lenses (because I have an adapter that will allow them to work with the Fuji). I am waiting for a couple of lenses to come out in the Fuji line. I do wish they would add a few features (5 or 7 stop brackets rather than just 3 would be great). I am happy with the results. Take a look for yourself.

Fuji-2 Fuji-4 Fuji-3