Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

New York City


I was in New york City recently for a conference for my day job. Of course I had to bring my Fuji to see how she would perform around town. I didn't shoot as much as I would have liked. The day I picked to head over to Hoboken to photograph the NYC skyline, it rained. So everything is a little muddy. Not the camera's fault, but mine and the weather. I must say, I keep falling in love with this little beauty every time I shoot her. It does what I want in a camera. The night we arrived we hit the 9/11 memorial. I have been to Dachau concentration camp while I was stationed in Germany. It had an overcast that will never go away. Here had a similar feeling, but it also had a sense of the big New York "F" you. You can bring down a building on top of us, it'll be painful, but it won't keep us down. I could barely keep from crying as I walked around this place.



Also stopped by Grand Central Terminal (it's not a station, it's a terminal). I tried to get a grand station shot, but I just don't have anything wide enough to do it justice. NYC-3


Walked down Battery park on the way to the ferry to Hoboken. Lady Liberty was standing tall in the harbor. Thank you France for such a wonderful gift. Thank you New York state for opening her up when the yahoos in Washington couldn't come to an agreement to keep her open. NYC-4

Finally the sun set, it gets dark and is overcast and starting to drizzle. Ah yes, the best laid plans. Not to mention, some work was going on across the harbor so they had the brightest lights that washed everything out if you didn't frame it just right.NYC-5

Finally off to Wall Street where this bull stand guard over the traders. It's a crowded place with as many tourists as brokers.NYC-6

It was lunch time at the Stock Exchange. It struck me as humorous, this guy sporting a Brooklyn Cyclones hat and listening to some tunes in his thousand dollar suit. NYC-7 NYC-8