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Jupiter and Mars Alignment plus Fuji 4.0 update

On June 30th, Jupiter and Venus will be closer in visual appearance, than they have been in more than 2000 years (last seen around 2 or 3 BC, folks). Scientist think this is what may have been the Star of Bethlehem. Either way, look to the West an hour or so after dark. They will be low on the horizon, so an unobstructed view is key. I tried taking images last night, but we had a haze and clouds and a few trees I didn't see in the dark. I'll try again tonight.

Photo tip, if you are going to try and take shot of the planets, you don't want to use your normal star photography methods. It's more like photographing the moon. The sun is bouncing off them, just much further away from us. Pull out that long lens (I am using a 300mm Nikon with a converter on the Fuji). Bump up the ISO to around 1600 - 3200, open up the aperture (f/2.8 or f/4) and start with a shutter speed of 1/4th and work it from there. Take a lot and keep moving the camera. you can image stack / focus stack in Photoshop later. 


Fuji came out with the X-T1 update last night bringing the firmware to 4.0. If you have a Fuji, I am sure you have read about it. However, don't go looking for the update on the Fuji USA site, it's not there (yet). Make sure you have a topped off battery. I am still playing with it, so no reviews yet. I found it on their regular site here.

by John