Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Smoky Mountain Morning

I have been asked to be a speaker at the first annual Great Smoky Mountain Photography Summit. The all-star cast at this first summit is amazing. I have been truly blessed to be asked to speak. I came up this weekend for several reasons. First, my photo friends were meeting and it's always a blessing to get together and go out shooting with them. Second, there was a meteor shower, a new moon and clear, dark skies all happening at once, in the same place. For a night time photographer, that's almost like winning the lottery. Third, I was asked to lead a night shoot during the summit, so I wanted to scout out a couple locations. I'll post more about that in an upcoming post. 

This morning we headed up to the Foothills Parkway in Tennessee. What a fantastic place to go for sunrise. If the conditions are right, it makes it even better. 

We could hardly believe our blessings when the sun and fog cooperated and played for us. The light shown through and bounced off the top of the fog that was accumulating in the valley below. What an fantastic sight to behold. What made it even better is spending it with my His Light photo friends. Each one a fantastic photographer and an even better person. 

by John