Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Packing for Iceland

This is a list of gear I put together for a 8 to 10 day winter trip to Iceland.


4x Sock Liners - They help with the moisture and add a layer of warmth. If it’s too warm, take them off

4x Wool Socks - These will keep your feet warm

1x Hiking boots / Snow Boot - It’s worth a little money to get a warm pair of waterproof & insulated boots. Look for 200-400g of warmth. Carolyn and I both bought Keen boots.

1x Ice Cleats - I didn’t use them at all, but Carolyn did a couple times. For the cost, if it turns icy, they are worth the protection. Make sure you get your “size".

1x Comfy Shoes - Sneakers or something else that is comfortable to walk around the hotel or town in. Boots are great, but I don’t want to wear them all the time.

1x Overshoes - Seems like a splurge, but they will come in handy on the black sand beach. They are optional.


4x Long Underwear pants - Heat Keep is the brand I have, they are thin but they are super warm.

3x non cotton pants - You’ll wear thermals under them most of the time. Get something that will wick and dry quickly if they get wet. NOT JEANS!!! Exercise pants, I usually get mine at Target. You’ll be wearing snow pants most of the time.

1x pants - For going out to dinner.

1x Snow Pants or Snow Board pants - I brought 2 pairs but only really needed 1.

Underwear - TMI but I use ExOffico travel. You can wash them in the wink and they dry super fast.

1x rain/wind pants - Frog Togs or some other cheap brand. Hopefully we don’t need them, but it’s good to have them. Get a size larger and make sure they fit over snow pants.


4x Long Underwear Shirt - Again I use Heat Keep. Thin and very warm.

4x Comfy non cotton shirts - Something you can wear in layers

1x sweater / sweatshirt - An additional layer you can take off

1x Winter Jacket - Down or some other synthetic.

1x Rain Jacket - Frog Tog or if you have a rain jacket that will fit over your winter jacket.


1x Glove Liners - This will add an extra layer of protection. I have several different pairs and kinds. I am always looking for a good set. *I have NOT purchased the liners on the Amazon Wishlist, but they look really good

1x Gloves - I am always on the lookout for gloves that work with Photography. It’s one of the reasons I use glove liners, so I can take off my gloves and still have my hands protected. Get something warm and waterproof. The gloves I like currently I bought in the airport in Iceland (66North).  *The gloves on the Amazon wish list were recommended to me by Jack Graham. I have not tried them.

10x Hand Warmers - Hot Hands or something similar. Always pays to be a little warm.

Head and Neck:

1x Wool Buff - I like buffs because they are versatile. I can put them over my ears or around my face. Choose a good scarf if you don’t like buffs.

1x Windproof Buff

2x Hats - Warm beanie or fur lined. Warm is the key. I usually have 2 and will wear them both if I need to. Then again, I really like hats (not baseball)

1x Ear Muffs - If you hats doesn’t come over your ears make sure you bring ear muffs.

1x Motorcycle goggles or Wind proof sunglasses - It's windy, having something to protect your eyes is a good idea. The reason I don't say to bring snow goggles is they end to be big and get in the way. 


Obviously I don’t need to say it *grin*

Camera gear:

1 regular tripod & 1 small tripod - Since I bring 2 cameras, I bring 2 tripods, that way I can set up 2 time lapses at the same time if we get a nice aurora.

2 Bodies (Fuji obviously) *wink*

Lenses to cover 14mm to 200mm. You might get to see some seals on the ice, but I wouldn’t bring a long lens for that. NO PUFFINS, sorry to early in the year for them.

Batteries & chargers - Iceland is on 220v so make sure your chargers are good with that (most are).

Filters, intervalometers & such - you know the drill and your camera.

I am bringing 12mm, 14mm & 18-135 plus Fuji XT1 & XE1 (unless I can borrow my nieces’ XE2).

Anti Fog Wipes - Good for the camera lens/filters, but also good for your glasses.


The wall outlets look like this. Iceland uses European 220V Type C and Type E/F sockets.

I use a Monster Cable travel outlet power strip. It’s rated for 110-220. I then attach a converter (US to European) to it and plug everything into that. That way only need 1 or 2 US to European converter plugs.

Cell Phone:

If you have Verizon & the right phone, it will work over there with the International Package. Or if you have an unlocked GSM phone, you can pick up a Sim card at the airport for cheap. My iPhone 6 & Verizon JetPack both work with my Siminn SIM card I picked up at the airport. Getting a SIM card is cheaper than the rates you'll pay to most wireless providers.

Swimsuit & towel:

Pack one, you never know where we may end up. There are lots of geothermal swimming holes. Bringing a micro fiber towel or two is also a good idea. You can wipe off your camera gear whilst venturing near a waterfall.

Rather pack to be warm and have to shed it, than to under pack. If you are going to make sure anything is warm, make sure it’s your feet. If we have to stand out in the snow, the feet are hardest to keep warm.