Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

Planning for Iceland

I am planning for an Iceland trip with a group of photographers. The folks I am going with are some of the best people I know. 

When planning for a trip, you really need to understand a few things.

  1. The location or locations you will be visiting. I really think that you should have some good references or have been to the location at least once. 
  2. The number of people who are going. This helps determine how many hotel rooms or where to stay. For example, with 9 of us going, I needed to be creative in where we are going to stay. You can't exactly be "nimble" when you need 4 or more rooms. 
  3. The weather of where you are going. In our case, we are going the first week of March. It'll be cold but not as cold as you might think. It's more likely to rain than snow. The one thing you don't hear about Iceland is how windy it is in the winter.
  4. Driving distances & times. I tend to think of driving from place to place in a sense of time rather than distance. I take "published" routes and usually triple them for the photographer factor. For example, from the Airport in Keflavik Iceland to Vik, Iceland (on the southern coast), Google maps says it'll take 3 hours. I know from being there and knowing the great people I'll be with that it'll really take about 9 hours, due to frequent stops to make images.
  5. Have a packing plan. You will inevitably be asked, "what should I pack?" It's a good question and an answer like "I don't know", I feel will make people loose confidence in you and your abilities to take them to some great places. Always have an idea of what to pack, clothes, camera and extras (knowing Iceland uses 220v round plugs, I can relay that to other folks). At the end of the day, they will pack and decide for them selves. It's only a guideline.
  6. Be willing to take suggestions and help. Also be willing to make suggestions and help. It's a two way street. I learn something every time I go on a photo trip. 
  7. Make loose plans, always have a back up and be flexible. Sometimes things don't work out as planned, mother nature will toss in a curve ball and so will other photographers.

I am using this upcoming trip to plan a photography tour in the future.