Ramblings of an Amateur Photographer

How many is to many?

As I go through my photos from Iceland, I am thinking about my workflow. Thinking about that makes me consider my organizational scheme. I have been thinking about this for quite a while. I would like to come up with some new, more efficient way of editing, storing and sharing my images. I sat down and noodled around with a few things with my wife. I'd like your opinions!

Baseline: I use Lightroom, I looked around for some other alternative, but I am comfortable with Lightroom and can work with it fairly quickly. I REALLY wish they would change the fact that you can't easily share catalogs over a network. I use two primary machines. First is our network file server and storage. Second is my laptop with a docking station also acts as my desktop. I felt I had to do this rather than get a desktop because Lightroom isn't mobile enough to work across a network file system. I only use it for storage / editing and looking at images quickly after import. I don't use all the other tagging / metadata / searching features. I am just not that disciplined to put those in as I import.  

When we think of photos, we think of them in two basic categories and two basic tags. Category 1 is where was it taken or by place / location (Iceland, Costa Rica, Alaska, Outer Banks, etc). Category 2 is by event (Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, etc). When it comes down to it, we only think of them in those two categories. My wife brought up, that she would like to tag things in two ways; by people in the photo or the year it was taken. In general, we don't think about the year. Heck I can't barely remember what happened last month, let alone what year. When I think about our trip to San Diego, I know we went to San Diego, but the year... it was in 2000 something... 

The second dilemma is how many photos to share from each type. Enough to tell the story or to remember things hat happened, but not enough to bore everyone to tears.  We've all sat through someone else's photo log of their trip to East Nowhere USA, with an endless stream of photos that you want to drink that bottle of rat poison they had in their medicine chest while you looked through while in the bathroom... you know you've done it. I digress. I have been told that while showing my photos in the past, 5 seconds is to short. Poking and asking around, I think 7 seconds between photos is a good average duration. A slideshow should last no more than 10 minutes (before that rat poison shakes starts sounding good). 10 minutes is 600 seconds divided by 1 images every 7 seconds is about 85 images. At most I think keeping 100 images is the max.

With that said, my image count from Iceland is about 900 images. Some of those I will turn in to time lapse. I don't shoot 7 shot brackets (like my friend Jim, maybe if I did I would be half as good as Jim). 

I am now looking at trying to figure out where to share them. I have looked at Google Photos, Flickr, Apple Photos and SmugMug to name a few. None of them do exactly what I want. I like Apple Photos for the sync across devices and slideshows, but stinks for importing those images fro Lightroom. Google Photos and Flickr has some ease at importing the images. Google Photo syncs my file folders for me and leaves the directory structure in tact, but the slideshow / viewing the images stink. Anyone have a good workflow for sharing images?  I am ruling out Instagram and Facebook as sharing mechanisms. FB is ok, but I am weary of the terms of service. 

Oh, the image above is from an arch in the rocks. We noticed the waves would come in and create a big splash. I timed the splashes (look long enough and you can find the pattern) and waited for the early morning glow to light up the hole.