The Snake Tips

Thinking Critically about Photographs


Image by Ron Leishman http://toonaday.comThey call me Snake. I help lead workshops for His Light Workshops. One of the most well regarded aspects of the photo workshop have been the critiques. They are always done in a gentle way and with good intentions. I want to dedicate this site to critiques. Critiques has such an ugly connotation. One of the definitions of critique is a detailed evaluation. As I evaluate images, I do it with what appeals to me. If it doesn't appeal to you, don't do it. I want to help people make better images. I want to learn and grow in everything I do. All the critiques made here will be kept anonymous. The rights remain with the owner and I only ask that I can display them for critique.

Why Snake, well to steal a passage from my good friend Bill Fortney:

"Don’t be put off by his nickname, it’s a good thing. He was named the “Snake” after the late, great, Frank Miller, who proudly wore that crown for many years. I first met Frank at shooting trip in North Carolina, everywhere I went to make a shot he was leaving, having already gotten it. I said, “Frank, you snaked us again.” Meaning he slithered in and got the great shot first. It was a compliment. When Frank went on to be with the Lord, his title died with him, or so I thought. John turned out to be the next person in my life that was always at the right place first! I loved John from the start, a really nice man, who was also a very good shooter and giving and kind to the bone. I asked him to wear that crown, and he has gladly followed in Frank’s footsteps."


Special thanks to Ron Leishman from Toon A Day for drawing up the snake image.