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Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 2

Critique 2

  Another very difficult shot to critique. This photo makes me feel like I am riding on his wings about to take off right behind him. I'm not really sure if the flying rat is a him or her. I'll try my best, but folks are sending me such good stuff it's hard to pick it apart.

  1. I know this shot is all about timing. It's picky but, I wish we could see more of the eye. It's crisp and sharp and very well done.
  2. The wings blend into the trees a bit. A small back light or some sort of rim light would have made him really pop. I know it's possible to create a fake back light in Photoshop.
  3. The very lower right hand corner, you can see a small black spot, I think its the filter. Either cropping in a bit or a vignette would make that go away.
  4. The bright spot in the tree (top and right of center) is a little distracting. Here a vignette would do some work.

The photo is a little bright as well. Using Nik Color Efex 4.0 (sound familiar) could add a few things.  I created a quickie before and after. I user darken/lighten center with the center point the bird's eye. I also used vignette. I took it back into Color Efex and used Glamor Glow with a layer mask. I painted back in the bird. This took a little edge out of the clouds.