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Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 3

Critique 3

  I like the feel of this and it is a good photo, but needs a little help.

  1. The sky is a little bland.
  2. Objects that don't add to the photo should be removed (either in camera or in post).
  3. It could use a little vignette to really add focus to the motorcycle riders.
  4. Too much road at the bottom of the image. A little crop putting the motorcycle rider at one of the "power points" (the place in teh rule of 3rd where an intersection happens) would be more effective.

I played around with this image also. I added a little vignette and a crop. Used Nik's Viveza to tone down the sky and add some color into the mountains. Then went into Color Efex Pro 4 where I added tonal contrast, Darken/Lighten center, a little film grain and levels & curves to add a little more punch. I removed the people and sign post but left the mile marker in (Mile 13). If you've ever seen Forest Gump, you'll know that this is the shot from the movie where he stops running and goes home.