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Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 5

Critique 5 Edit

  This image tells a story. It was a good location to put with a good atmospheric condition. Three key things to look for when creating a photograph.

  1. Look for the light first. Photography is all about shooting light.
  2. Look for the background. If you have an ugly background or a background that doesn't flatter the light or subject, it's going to be a bad photo.
  3. Find a subject. The subject really is last. The light and location have to flatter a subject, so those come first.

This a a good example of: having a great lighting situation, finding a location that has no distracting elements in it and incorporating the subjects into the scene. With that said there are a few things that could make this image slightly stronger. I wish there was a hearse in the image or to really tell a different story, a baby crawling toward the funeral home.

  1. The sign on the left is a little dark. Lightening it up would really add to the overall image and tell the story.
  2. The left side of the image is a little light. Either crop it out (you don't really need the trees or even the whole building) or darken it down. I'd crop it out.
  3. The building is a little dark, again it's part of the story so include it.
  4. The image leans to the right. I know it was shot with a focal range that will give you a lot of distortion. Getting rid of that distortion and straightening it up would make me feel less seasick. (I am not going to do that on my edit because it would just take to much time)