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Critique 6

Critique 6

  I debated putting this in the critique at all. This really is the critique that isn't. You could darken up the lower right corner, if I had to add any comment. This really is a very cool photo. The subject is strong, it's sitting on a third (rule of thirds), the vignette is nice, the aperture & focus are spot on.

I guess the real message here is that these are the images I don't want to critique. Those images that don't really need anything to enhance them. I'd love to see those images that are good, but not quite there. Thanks for sending me this, it's an amazing image.

Now a question and a request for critique. I know this site hasn't been up that long, but so far what do you like or not like? Do the images I take some time to edit to show an "after" view help at all? I know the numbers on the images need to be a little different, I'm still playing and welcome suggestions.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me images, I would LOVE to see more so I can try and keep posting as often as I have images. I can and will dip into my selection of images to critique (trust me I have  A LOT that need help), but this isn't about me, it's about helping out the photo community.