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Critique 7

Critique 7 Edit

  This is a good attempt at making in image when the light it right. It's a pretty scene and makes me want to be there to look for a shot. However, the largest problem I have with this image, is there is no real subject (???). The flowers in the foreground are pretty, but there are not enough of them. The bridge is a nice touch, but it's obstructed. A few steps to the right or left might have made a world of difference. Find your light, background and subject. The overall image is washed out / even toned, not enough drama.

This is one of those times we do HDR because we think it will help fill in the gaps, but sometimes we shouldn't do HDR. I think this would look better without it. Jim Begley is a master of HDR and can really make things dramatic.

  1. The bits of new tree are obstructing the view or anything else. It's like those pesky telephone poles. I have been known to take my belt or a camera strab and tie down those pesky objects that get in the way.
  2. The HDR in the sky is blown out an unnatural. It needs to be toned back or As I say above, not done at all.
  3. There is a blur in the image here. I'm not sure if it was someone walking by or some movement in the wind. To do good HDR, things need to be crisp and sharp. Lock down the tripod. The minute you have to take something out of one of your bracketed shots, you are going to loose the HDR.
  4. The hole photo slopes to the left a bit. Watch your horizon lines and make things tilt one way or the other for a purpose.

This is a case where I am not going to try and make any edits. I don't have the originals or think I can do it justice. BTW, I know this person and they have some amazing work. I am thankful that they sent us something to take a look at.