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Critique 8

Critique 8 Edit

  This is a nice image with a clear subject and really great colors and contrasts. The flowers are in focus and pop against the porch. I wish there was a little more bokeh (shallower depth of field) between the flower and the background.

  1. There are some distinct imperfections in the background. more blur (bokeh or shallow depth of field) would get rid of those allowing you to really focus on thsubject.
  2. We don't always have the ability to separate our subject from some background disturbance, but when we do, we should. For instance look at the subject and the background. If you have a telephone pole coming out of someone's head, move so it isn't. Here's a good case of either moving the camera angle or tweaking that leaf so the flower doesn't overlap.
  3. Watch your edges. In camera look around the edge of the view finder to see if you can find any distractions, in post look for things that will slightly distract your eye. Now that I pointed it out, it's hard not to see it. Vignette will take care of that and put more focus on the flower.

I cropped it in a little, put some darken / lighten center (Nik Color Efex), a little vignette (LR4), and user OnOne's Focal Point to add a little blur. To make that flower color pop I did the LAB "Man from Mars" technique (from Dan Margulis) in Photoshop.