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Critique 11

Critique 11 Edit

  Here's the image I received for critique. A fantastic image with a nice amount of back light & great colors. I really love the way the trees have minimal overlap. The photographer was very picky on their position and moved to frame them very well. A few minor things could make this image slightly better. The trees to the right and left of the image don't really belong. They don't add a whole lot. The image feels very centered without a clear reason why. The amount of grass in the foreground, tells us what the fence already does, it's a field of some sort. If we had a horse or something else to anchor the grass into the image, the trees seem distant. We don't feel a part of the scene. I think the same holds true for the sky. The top part of the sky doesn't hold my interest, if anything it's brighter and drags me away.

I did only a few things to this image. I cropped it, some minor levels adjustment and added a hint of vignette.