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Critique 13

Critique 13 Edit

  This is another great location with great light and a little much on the HDR for me. I think some scenes are really great for HDR, but we have a tendency to over do it sometimes. I am waiting for Harry Potter to pop his head over the bannister, hop on his broom and fly down to meet us. The thing with HDR is that it should augment the image, not be the image (of course that is my opinion). I have seen this shot before from a different angle. The place is magnificent and I would love to visit sometime. Outside of the HDR, here's where I think this falls a little short.

  1. The bright spot here leads my eye away from the stairs.
  2. Same with this spot here, it's a little bright and I went looking for something I missed up in that area.
  3. The whole image is a little distorted. I feel like I am falling backwards. I don't think that is the intent. It's hard to get tall objects undistorted when you have very little room to shoot them. I would take this shot as a vertical pano and try to stitch them together. Hopefully by changing or raising your angle as you went up.

I made an attempt of getting something back.I used the skew tool in Photoshop to try and regain the perspective a little bit, at least I don't feel like I am falling over. I also used a different type of technique to dodge and burn. In Photoshop create a blank layer, fill it with 50% grey and use overlay mode. Then paint on that layer with black and white brushes using different opacity to dodge and burn. To me I get much better control than using the dodge and burn tool. BTW, the shooter who took this shot is an amazing photographer, very talented and very humble. One of the best people I know.