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Critique 16

Critique 16 Edit

  This is a great attempt at getting what looks to be a nice scene. I haven't been here, so I don't know how much room there is to move around to get a different view. Overall the image is a little bright and I'm not exactly sure what the subject is. It could be several. Also I would love to see this with more clouds in the sky.

  1. This doesn't add to the scene and blends in with everything else.
  2. Check your edges. When you are making an image check the edges of the frame before you push the shutter button. Distracting elements really don't need to be in the shot.
  3. The sky is flat and really bright. This is the prefect sky to drop in some clouds from your cloud archive. Every time I see nice clouds, I go shoot the sky. They come in handy or images like this.
  4. Use a lens hood when shooting outside. It keeps the flare from the lens. Sometimes lens flare is exactly what you want in an image and sometimes it's an oversight.

Here's a rather poor attempt at adding in clouds. You can tone match the clouds and get the selection a lot closer, but this is meant as an example of how a flew clouds can add to a scene.