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Critique 18

Critique 18 Edit

Overall I like this image. It's very much like the two chairs overlooking the beach (which I have taken myself). It's an image that makes you want to be sitting there.

  1. Brightest spot in the image draws my eye right to it. Clone it out or darken it down.
  2. The gazebo is falling, somebody catch it. Some shots look really good when you know it's a wide angle lens. You feel the "warpiness" of it and it works. Here, it just looks like the gazebo is falling over. It's disturbing. Straighten it up in Photoshop with perspective under transform.
  3. A nice frame around the edges, until you get to this wide open blue spot. It looks like a gap in the frame and keep drawing my eye back to it.
  4. The chairs, in my opinion, are the focal point of the shot. They are very dark and I have to want my eye to keep coming back to them. Nothing is drawing me to them. Lighten them up and darken those other areas that distract.

I used Nik Software's Viveza to adjust some of the areas I thought needed a little help. I think I would have gotten a little lower, not had the tree directly over the chairs overlap the mountains.

P.S. this was the only image I got this week. A big thanks to the photographer to sent it in.