The Snake Tips

Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 19


This is one of my images. I am using it as a critique image to show the difference a minor movement can make. The above image, they chairs overlap the skyline and it makes the skyline look disjointed. It brakes the continuity. Like everything, sometimes you want to do that.  I didn't like what I shot in frame, so I stood up (I was kneeling and getting low at the time) and took another one (the one you see below).

Several things wrong here.

  1. The horizon isn't quite level. I thought it was level in camera, but your eyes can play tricks on you. I took it into Lightroom and used the straight line level under cropping to get something more level.
  2. It's all pretty much the same tonal range. Bright sky but the chairs blend into everything else.

I used one of my favorite tools to play around a little. Viveza by Nik software is great for this kind of stuff.I lightened up the chars and gave them a little glow. Maybe to much on screen, but it prints very nicely. This was taken several years ago. I look back on it and realize how far I have grown as a photographer. That is in thanks to other great photographers and learning all the time. I learn something every time I press the shutter.