The Snake Tips

Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 20


This image makes me laugh. I know it was spur of the moment so some of the things would have been harder to control.

  1. Distracting elements. They don't really need to be there so crop or clone them out.
  2. The faces of the bears are blurry. It they were in focus this would be a much more powerful shot. This must have been taken suddenly at a lower aperture. Knowing that the shot is there, set the aperture to f22 and wait until it comes along again.
  3. The back of the bears is awful bright. Adjust the EV or tone it down in post.
  4. The child's face is not lit. He and the bears are the subject, so they should be equally lit.

I almost said something about the foreground post. However, it leads your eye right to the kids. It's a great leading line that draws you into the shot.