The Snake Tips

Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 25


I really would love to see this shot taken at a different time of day.  The sun it coming from behind and to the right of the image, casting everything in shadow. It would be better if the sun was coming from behind the photographer, lighting the barn in last light or first light.

  1. Too much sky. If there were more defined cloud structure or something of interest in the sky, then it's valuable to leave it in.
  2. Too much trampled road. The same holds true as the sky. Only put things in that will: give you some interest or lead your eye into / through the image.
  3. The barn, which is the focal point to me, should be a little lighter.

I cropped the image, used a little vignette then Nik Viveza to lighten the barn. You could use dodge & burn to do the same thing, I just really like the Nik suite of filters for Photoshop.