The Snake Tips

Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 32


When this photographer emailed me this image, they told me this was their first stab at HDR processing. With that said, I think they did a good job over all. A few minor issues I had with the image (remember, this is my opinion only).

1) It's a little crooked. If you look at the emblem it slants to the right. I just straightened it a hair.

2) The bits of grass bother me. If it was part of the subject or scene, I wouldn't mind, but it's a case of border patrol (taking a look around the edge of you frame to ensure you have no distracting elements). We had an attendee bring a pair of lawn scissors and start cutting out distracting elements in the field. Talk about pre image photoshopping! *grin*

3) This shadow on the left kept bringing me out of the image. This is a case of the darkest thing in the image was distracting. A little bit of cropping took care of that.

I adjusted the blacks, whites and clarity just a bit along with a little cropping to get this image.