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Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 37

Crabtree Falls

Nice image overall. I prefer to make the water a little more silky by using an ND filter. If you don't have an ND filter you can take several shots and combine them in Photoshop to create that silky smooth water effect. With this image you could do all sorts of artsy fartsy effects, taking it into Topaz Clarity or the Google Nik filters and adding some flair. Or you could leave it as is, well almost as is. What do I find most disturbing about this image? I know you think I'll say the brightness at the top of the waterfall, which isn't that bad (I would drop in a nice blue sky). Outside of the Caribbean, I have never seen blue water and this water is certainly blue. All I did to the image is adjust the color temperature (and added a vignette because I couldn't stop myself). See how a small adjustment can really make it look more natural. Crabtree Falls