The Snake Tips

Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 39


I am going to post the occasional image that, in my opinion, does everything right. This image is from Lynn Rogers. Lynn was a student on our workshop in Glacier National Park in September. I have known Lynn for a few years, we were on a Moose Peterson workshop together in Washington State.

What makes this image "right"?  I think the light is just right, she got the duckling in perfect light, so it's a little sidelit, but you can still see the duck. It's perfectly exposed. The leading line from the log going into the water, leads the viewer right to where you want them to go. There are no distractions or any place for your eye to wander. The duck is doing something interesting with a really nice reflection. Ok I would have put a vignette on it, but hey, I'd be happy just to get the duck in focus *grin*