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Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 47


I am not a sports shooter. I don't claim to be good at it or be able to critique a sports shot. I am, however, lucky to be good friends with one of the finest sports shooters I know. Dr Chuck Barnes shoots everything from pro ball to high school games. He really knows how to get the shot in professional stadiums with amazingly bright lights to a ball field with no more than car headlights for a Friday night game. He critiqued this image and said that it was a good shot, if you want to remember the game  from sitting in the seats. It's not what a professional sports publications are looking for. They are looking for the "game face". They are looking for the action shot or the mood of the player. In the crop below, you know it's a Braves player during a game. Any fan of the Braves will know it's the pitcher. So you don't really need to show the environment. Thanks Chuck for the good advice. Critique47After