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Thinking Critically about Photographs

Critique 49


I have basically this same image. So, even though this isn't my image, the critique is as much for me as anyone else. It does help me as a photographer learn to divest myself from the great fellowship and stories to tell about making an image like this, when I critique someone else's work. I sometimes hold an emotional attachment to an image that doesn't come out in the image itself. I like the retro look of the 2 color image. It really punches up the jammer.

First, to my eyes, the image is out of focus. I had a dickens of a time trying to get those lights to not blow out on me. I am glad to see it wasn't just me. I think the photographer controlled them the best they could. I know a lot of car photographers, both old and new (cars not photographers). Photographing cars is like photographing horses, you want to see all four legs (or in this case wheels). If you don't show all 4 then have a reason as to why not that is evident in the image. Crop in tighter or stand back. I am always torn about leaving reflections of the photographer in the image. In this case it would be relatively easy to get rid of the mass of us in the chrome reflection. take the right side copy it reverse it and put it in place.  Do you need to? no. Would I? Most likely.

A big giant thank you to the photographer who sent this and several others in. If you all didn't send them in for me to toss my two cents in, I'd have to show you all of my crappy images (I'd have enough for a year or more). Keep them coming!